Why on Earth would you take part in an IronMan Race ?


Guy – “It all started on June 21st this year after a group meeting with the post-doctoral researchers of Children’s Cancer Institute Australia.

During the meeting, Eddy mentioned that he was planning to bring a video camera to the post-doctoral retreat to take footage for fundraising purposes, and that anyone interested should stay back and talk more. Naturally interested by the idea and fundraising in general, I stayed back whilst the room emptied. It didn't take long for Eddy and I to start talking about triathlons. I had recently finished my first olympic distance triathlon (i.e 1.5km swim / 40km ride / 10km run) in Byron Bay in May and was training for my next one in Kingscliff in December, and Eddy was already training for his first one down in Jervis Bay in November. Amazingly we both expressed the same goals as if born from the same mind: we wanted to use our passion for triathlon and physical challenges in general to raise money on a large scale for childhood cancer research. From there, only one thing was needed to get this up and running: A crazy idea.


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About Tri For Kids Cancer.

Three researchers at Children’s Cancer Institute Australia have teamed up to take the fight against childhood cancer from the laboratories to the streets.

This December, the Tri For Kids Cancer team will embark on a gruelling physical challenge to drive awareness, bring hope to children and families affected by cancer, inspire the future generation of researchers and raise much-needed funds to win the war against childhood cancer.

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IronNerd Profiles

  • Guy
  • Eddy
  • Jad

Dr. Guy Klamer

“Science has always been an innate part of my personality. As a child I would read the family encyclopedia to research different science topics”.

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Dr. Eddy Pasquier

“When I was a kid, all I knew was that I wanted to make a difference when I grew up”, this is how Dr Eddy Pasquier recalls the origins of his calling..

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Dr. Jad El-Hoss

“I have always been interested in how things work. Anything. How does a car move forward? Why do the waves crash in a particular pattern?”

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